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retailers, can search easily all our artists galleries using
our advanced search engines. Once the customer or
Retailer is interested in an artist's product, they may
contact the artist directly, or place an order using our
shopping cart. All artist products, have a "sole page"
where includes a larger image of the item, the price, item
name and number, product description, and additional
item information from the artist.

All orders and information requests are immediately
forwarded to the artists, at no costs to the artist. Each
artist is individually responsible for the orders
completion, following up the order directly with each
customer or Retailer.

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Artist Special Advertisement Ads
The Featured Artist Section...Where we choose an artist for
an interview and show one of their best sellers creation. The
Feature Artist will be at this spot for 4 full months.
A Slide Show with many of the Artists Creations will be the
focal point of the AHC HomePage
Be out front!
We start advertising some of the artists creations in the
Index Page...

AHC have a campaign to advertise our
Artists and their handmade creations
out of the
AHC website!

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When searching, use the keywords:
handmadecrafts, handmade, handmade crafts, just
to give you a quik example.
American Handmade Crafts have many ways to promote the artists and their
products...Business Cards, Postcards, Online Newsletter, and in some of the
major magazines and publications of Art/Crafts in the industry.
Wholesale Artists are also
included in the Retail Buyers
All Artist members are included and advertised in
the AHC "Art/Crafts MarketPlace".

You will find the American Handmade Crafts's website in the first 1-3 pages of any of these
search engines websites! These are great positions, vs. millions and millions of websites under
the same or a similar category!
We also try to maintain a positive and follow up community. You can also share your gallery with
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