Preventing Theft and Fraud at Crafts Shows
How To Prevent Theft and Fraud at Craft Shows by Wiliam T. Lasley

Here's How:

1.   Keep your booth open during show hours.

2.   Never leave your booth unattended during show hours.

3.   Be sure to bring extra help to busy events.

4.   Place small products near you and in as clear a view as possible.

5.   Use a portable credit card terminal to approve transactions on the spot.

6.   Check the identification of everyone who writes a check or uses a credit card.

7.   Report any attempts of theft or fraud to show officials immediately.

8.   Remove products or secure booth daily at the end of the show.

- Insurance is available for your products and your booth. Rates will vary according to which company
you choose.
-If you are alone at a show and must leave your booth, ask a neighbor or show official to sit in for you.
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