Building a Jewelry Wardrobe -
Five Essential Pieces for every woman
Building a Jewelry Wardrobe – Five Essential Pieces Every Woman Should Own

(ARA) – You’ve been building your wardrobe for years – adding a quality  piece or two to your closet
every season to keep things fresh while also hanging on to the classic clothes you already own.  Before
you know it, you have a closet full of clothes you can mix and match to create a look that’s all your own.
The same is true with jewelry. The right piece of jewelry can add a whole new dimension to an outfit as
well as express your individuality.

Because quality jewelry is an investment in yourself, you want to buy pieces that you know you’ll wear
for years to come. The experts at Jewelry Television have put together the following list of “must haves”
that form the basis for a jewelry collection that will see you through just
about any occasion.

1. “Every woman needs a classic strand of pearls,” says Natalie Parman, vice president of merchandising
at Jewelry Television. Pearls are a natural with a work wardrobe or a cocktail dress, but they also add an
unexpected dash of style when paired with jeans and a t-shirt. Parman recommends a 12- to 14-inch
strand of pearls for versatility. When choosing a strand of pearls, look for 5- to 7-millimeter pearls that
are individually knotted between each pearl instead of just strung one after the other -- that’s a sign of
quality. A 14-karat gold safety clasp adds style and safety. If your budget allows, go for a matching pair
earrings to complete the set.

2. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as the saying goes, and no jewelry box is complete without a pair of
diamond stud earrings. “You can wear diamond studs with anything,” says Parman. “They add an instant
touch of glamour.” White metal settings have been very popular recently, but yellow gold is always a
good choice. And if you love the look of diamond studs, but not the price tag, consider a nice pair of cubic
zirconia studs. “When a good quality CZ is set in a yellow gold or white metal setting, it is almost
impossible to tell it from the real thing,” says Parman.

3. Treat yourself to a bracelet that can become your signature. Charm bracelets or tennis bracelets finish
off an outfit and let you present a personal style statement. “Charm bracelets never go out of style,”
says Parman. “They let you show off your personality – passionate cooks can sport kitchen utensil
charms while cat lovers can flaunt their favorite breed.” Tennis bracelets can say a lot about you as well.
Do you go for the classic diamond tennis bracelet, or are you an individualist who goes for a
nontraditional gemstone such as amethyst or peridot?

4. A gold chain necklace is a piece you’ll turn to again and again, whether you’re wearing a cute summer
sundress or a stuffy business suit. Choose a length that’s right for you – a 12-inch chain works with most
necklines, while an 18-inch chain adds drama. If you own chains of varying lengths, try layering them for
a rich look. Speaking of rich, don’t feel compelled to buy 18-karat gold. “The karat weight is really a
personal preference,” says Parman. While 18-karat gold is certainly the most refined, 10-karat gold is
actually a good choice for a piece that you’ll wear frequently, because it is stronger and very durable.”

5. There is a lot of hoopla about the “left hand ring” these days. But another great option that won’t
break the bank is a simple, elegant cigar band ring. “This classic style is bold and wide,” says Parman.
“Whether you choose yellow or white gold, a cigar band ring is versatile and

Jewelry Television is a great place to start building your jewelry wardrobe. You can watch on television
and order over the phone, or visit the company’s Web site at your convenience to see what’s new. Since
the company focuses exclusively on the sale of fine jewelry and gemstones, they offer a huge variety of
styles at fantastic prices. No matter what your personal style, you’ll find jewelry to match it at Jewelry
Television. Check local listings to find the network on your cable system, Direct TV or The Dish Network.
In addition to a great selection of earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and more, you’ll also find useful
information about buying and caring for fine jewelry at, and on this website.
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